The Ultimate The 100 Merchandise

The Ultimate The 100 Merchandise: The Inspiration Behind The Designs

One of the most underrated television shows to ever hit TV screens happens to be The 100. The series takes you on an emotional journey from space to the ground and draws you in to one of the best casts (family) ever assembled. Even though it is not as popular as other mainstream series, I feel that's what makes it even more special. 

As an avid fan of the show, I began looking for some The 100 merchandise, but I didn't find anything that I really loved. The official The 100 show does not offer merchandise either so I set out to start creating my own designs that had some inspiring meaning behind them. The 100 has a special fandom behind it and I wanted to create items that fans would be proud to wear. I have spent countless hours creating graphics that I can put on t-shirts, phone cases, mugs, pillows, and hats that you will soon see below. I have worked with professional graphic designers on some of my designs and only work with suppliers that supply the highest quality of products to ensure every product is nothing but the best. With that said, I am no way affiliated with the CW and it is something I do as a hobby. I hope that you will take the time to read through this post and approve of the fan made The 100 merchandise I have to offer!

No Heroes, Just Survivors

No Heroes Just Survivors T-Shirt Black And White

The latest and greatest The 100 inspired design by VogaCo. is the No Heroes, Just Survivors design! This design was created in anticipation of Season 5 returning April 2018. We tried to capture the three environments the main characters are currently at - space, the ground, and the bunker. However, there are some details you may not pick up on right away. Starting with the top scene, there is a thin orange line right above earth that represents the Praimfaya death wave that has swept earth. That can also be tied to the middle scene that has the orange sky. Clarke and Madi are looking out over the only green spot left on earth hoping and waiting they may be reunited with their friends not knowing the prisoner ship is on its way down. For the final scene, a heavy dose of red was used to represent the bloodshed that appears to be taking place in the bunker. The green door behind Octavia signifies the pathway to reunite with Clarke, Madi, and Spacekru on top of earth to face their next enemy. It will be an interesting journey to see how each scene will ultimately play out in Season 5, but we set out to create one of the best designs in the world with this one and we truly hope you enjoy it!

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I Survived Praimfaya & Mount Weather

I Survived Praimfaya and Mount Weather Merchandise


Two of the big obstacles faced in The 100 thus far have been destroying Mount Weather and surviving the Praimfaya death wave that is sweeping the planet. In Season 2, Skaikru and The Grounders both fought to free their people who were trapped by the Mountain Men inside Mount Weather. Clarke and Bellamy were faced with one of the biggest decisions they have ever made by pulling the switch that lead to killing the Mountain Men living inside. It was a very emotional decision and that is what led me to create one of my first The 100 merchandise designs. I wanted to honor the good residents living inside the mountain, Skaikru, and The Grounders with this design because each group were impacted by Mount Weather. They all suffered some sort of loss so I saw it as an achievement for those who survived Mount Weather and thus my first design was born.

Jumping ahead 2 seasons, the main plot for season 4 was finding a way to survive Praimfaya. It appeared there was no way to survive this deadly event, until Jaha discovered the bunker and Raven found a way to launch back up to space. It appears everything that has been seen from seasons 1-4 has now been wiped out by Praimfaya. Arguably one of the most iconic buildings in the series was The Grounder headquarters, Polis, so I chose to incorporate a sketch of it in the design to serve as the letter "i" in the word "Praimfaya". While it is most likely death to Polis, the bunker served as a life saving structure for hundreds of people. If you look closely, you can find a sketch of the bunker symbol that serves as the last letter "a" in the word "Praimfaya". The final touch was to create a text that was on fire to represent the death wave. If you loved season 4, this design fits you perfectly!

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Heda War Paint & Tattoo Symbols

Heda Symbols Merchandise

One of the most iconic characters of the series was no doubt Commander Lexa. She typically went by the title of Heda which means Commander in the Trigedasleng language. Lexa was a fierce leader, extremely caring, and served as a hero for not only her people in the show, but also for fans worldwide. When I first started creating merch, I didn't quite fully understand just how important she was to so many people. To be honest, I'm not sure I ever quite will, but I have truly tried to create designs modeled after her that fans can relate to. I chose to model Lexa's Tattoo, War Paint, and Heda symbols after a stained glass piece of art for three main reasons: they both are beautiful, fragile, and irreplaceable. There is other basic The 100 merchandise with these symbols, but I hope that when you see my design, you remember the deeper meaning behind these symbols and it will remind you of how great she was.

In addition, the circle surrounding Lexa's tattoo also represents one of the last nightbloods that fell - Lexa. She has seven circles tattooed on her back that represent the nightbloods that died when she was chosen commander. I thought it would fit perfectly to tie in an extra one to represent the legend herself. 

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Clexa Scene

Clexa Scene Merchandise

I think one of the most iconic ships in all of fandoms is the Clexa ship. The relationship of Clarke and Lexa on the show meant the world to so many in the LGBT community. With this design, I wanted to capture some of the most important aspects of these two incredible leaders so I chose to tell a story through a scene. I started with Season 2 Episode 7 when Clarke and Lexa first met and started their transformation from enemies to lovers. You may recall the scene where they are facing each other in the tent as Clarke pleads with Lexa. Next, I wanted to incorporate where they each had come from leading to the addition of Polis and The Ark sketched in the background behind them. The flame serves as the moon behind them as a reminder to Clarke that all she has to do is look to the skies and she may feel Lexa's spirit. Finally, I put the Heda outline around the scene to symbolize that they were both the leaders of their people. This is my most detailed design and I hope that those who ship Clexa may relate to it on a deeper level.

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Bellarke Head & Heart

Bellarke Head And Heart Merchandise

The next design in my The 100 merchandise I have created is modeled after another widely popular ship from The 100 - Bellarke. I will be completely honest, these two are hard to create for because there aren't many symbolic things that fans will recognize. However, the Bellarke shippers will know the meaning behind this design as soon as they see it. For everyone else, I'll explain! In the final episode of Season 4, Clarke and Bellamy are discussing how they are going to survive Praimfaya. Clarke is concerned for her own future not thinking she will survive and Bellamy blows her off not believing anything bad will happen to her. Bellamy tries to avoide further discussion about something bad happening to Clarke when she says "please Bellamy, I need you to hear this." Clarke goes on to say that Bellamy has such a big heart and that is why he is able to inspire people to follow him. But the only way to make sure they survive is if he uses his head as well. Bellamy responds by saying "I've got your for that" and the Bellarke fans went wild. Thus I incorporated a half brain half heart to represent Clarke and Bellamy respectively. In addition, I felt the most powerful Bellarke scenes are when they are hugging after certain events happen because they are so happy to have each other. The hug used in the design can be resembled from Season 2 Episode 5. I recently turned this design into a hat as well, take a look below!

Also, you may recognize the two girls in the top right picture, Jaclyn and Marcella from their widely popular YouTube channel. They wore their Bellarke shirts to Conageddon and Eliza absolutely loved them! See the video below for the live reaction of when she saw them first. 

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May We Meet Again & Skaikru

May We Meet Again Skaikru Merchandise

These two designs were some of my very first designs for my The 100 merchandise collection and they are pretty straightforward. One of the most common sayings from the show is the "May We Meet Again" phrase and it seems to be used whenever something big is going to happen. In case you forgot, the entire saying goes like this: "In peace may you leave the shore. In love may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels. Until our final journey on the ground... May we meet again." The saying is used by many characters throughout the series, but I felt that one of the most powerful uses was the final clexa scene where Clarke tells this to Lexa as she is dying in her arms. I tied in The Flame to represent Clarke and Lexa always being connected and as a reminder for what everyone went through in Season 3 as they were enticed by A.L.I.E to go to The City of Light. It seemed as if not everyone was going to break the control A.L.I.E had over them so I felt it would be fitting to tie it in with a common phrase. 

I recently made a May We Meet Again v2 design to honor three of the main characters that have died - Lexa, Lincoln, and Jasper. The war paint represents Lexa, the middle symbol represents Lincoln's tattoo, and the final symbol represents Jasper's goggles. They were three unforgettable characters that meant so much to so many people. Maybe one day we will meet again.

The Skaikru design is pretty self explanatory. I created this for those who want to always remember where they came from and for those who love #TeamSkaikru. Not only did The Ark serve as home in space, but it also did on the ground. It was a symbolic part of the show and I felt a sketched design would be fitting.  

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Octavia Skairipa

Octavia Skairipa Hat Black

The war paint Octavia has when she fights in the final conclave for the rights to the bunker can similarly be found tattooed on Lincoln's chest. Lincoln one was of the first people to fight to unite The Grounders and Skaikru in the beginning and I felt that Octavia set out to fulfill that wish in the conclave. After she won, she did this by accepting people from each clan to have a space in the bunker rather than keeping it Skaikru alone. I feel that Octavia is constantly trying to find ways to honor Lincoln so this symbol is intended to represent them both. 

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Linctavia Shirt and Hat

Another popular ship from The 100 is Linctavia. I'm not sure how anyone could not like the role Lincoln played and would agree that he was killed off far too soon. Both the t-shirt and hat designs are meant to both Octavia and Lincoln. Starting with the shirt, the center of the design is Lincoln's tattoo with the famous quote "Ge smak daun, gyon op nodotaim" which means "Get smacked down, get back up." I felt that this quote was the center of their relationship and something Octavia has lived by ever since she met Lincoln. You will also find other symbols to represent these two famous characters such as the butterflies, bunker symbol, Octavia's war paint and sword, and the Grounder symbol. The hat is a simple combination of Lincoln's tattoo and a butterfly to represent Octavia. If you remember, early on in the series Octavia is surrounded by bright blue butterflies and I felt that was always a memorable scene for her.

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The 100 Inspired Hats

The 100 Hats Black 

The latest release for my The 100 merchandise are the dad hats and they have been a hit! There are five different hats: the Skairipa, Clexa, Space Walker, Heda, and Yu Gonplei Ste Odon hats. The Skairipa hat represents Octavia by using her war paint she had on in the final conclave. For the Clexa hat, there is a small infinity symbol on the back of the hat to represent the top of Lexa's tattoo where the flame was inserted. Next, the Space Walker hat represents Raven and includes a raven symbol on the side of the hat. Last, the Yu Gonplei Ste Odon hat is the meaning to the famous "your fight is over" quote used throughout the series. All hats are professionally embroidered to ensure the best quality around!

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Meet The Ambassadors Supporting The Designs

"As a Clexa shipper, I instantly fell in love with VogaCo. after I saw the Clexa design they created! I love the detail they put into every design and I have loved being able to work with them. If you love The 100, you will love what they have to offer!" - @zwanheda on Twitter.

"I found VogaCo. when I was looking for stores that sell The 100 Inspired merch and it was the only page I found that had amazing unique designs. I also loved their love for The 100 and their kindness they show to their customers. I know you will love their merch as much as I do!" - @linnctavia on Instagram.

"I've loved VogaCo. from the start! Their love for Clexa intrigued me to follow them and after I checked out their site I was completely in love! All of their products are personal favorites of mine and now working with them is so amazing. The owners are the sweetest and so understanding and I'm so grateful to be working with such an amazing company!" - @hedasanatomy on Instagram.

"I love VogaCo.!! Everything they have is amazing and so creative! I am so happy I got the chance to work with them. In my opinion, it's the greatest shop out there! Be sure to check it out!" - @bellarkerss on Instagram.

VogaCo. The 100 Ambassador

"You were looking for The 100 merch? In my opinion, you're in the right place! I looooove VogaCo.! Their quality is amazing, the products are awesome, and they're really nice with their customers as well. I truly enjoy working with them!" -@clarkegriffiniseverything on Instagram.

"Hey it's @trikruoctavias and I'm an ambassador for VogaCo.! The experience has been super fun and cool, and the merch they make is actually stunning!" - @trikruoctavias on Instagram.

"I fell in love with VogaCo. the first time I looked at their The 100 items. I love their unique and original style which you won't ever find anywhere else than in their amazing store!" - @octaviablake100 on Instagram.

What Do My Customers Have To Say About My Merch?

@welcometomynirvana: My Bellarke t-shirt from the amazing VogaCo. arrived today! I absolutely LOVE it, and am building up a nice little collection of The 100 merchandise from the store. Shirts are all brilliant quality and arrive fast (despite being shipped from USA to England.) I adore them! Bellarke is my absolute ultimate OTP I love them so much!

@the_grounders: My iPhone case fits my phone really well and is great quality. Plus it looks amazing and the design is fantastic!

@the100_news_: I'm truly obsessed with my new Bellarke tee from VogaCo. It's absolutely beautiful, so soft, so comfy, and lets me show off my OTP!

@bobmorley_ig: Thank you for this t-shirt VogaCo. Amazing gift, I love it!

@clarkegriffiniseverything: So guys this heda shirt by VogaCo. just arrived and I'm honestly excited. *Fangirls* You should check out their website. They have amazing The 100 stuff like shirts, cases, cups, pillows. Thank youuuu VogaCo.

Emily M: Hi, I just got my order from you and wanted to thank you for making such good merchandise. I've had trouble finding some before so I'm very happy with my order from you. Thank you so much!


Thank you for visiting VogaCo. and reading through the inspiration behind my The 100 merchandise. The 100 has a special fandom behind the series and I hope to represent it better than anyone else. I will continue creating more inspirational designs and updating this blog post with my latest work. I hope you will follow me along on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay up to date with what's going on at VogaCo.! If you have any questions for me, please contact me on Instagram @voga_co or send me an email

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with The CW or The 100. These designs (or pieces of art) are created by an avid fan of the show. 


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