About us

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Founded in 2016


VogaCo. was founded on our signature leather hip phone cases. Why did we choose this type of mobile phone case? When phones started on the trend to becoming larger, we noticed they became more of a hassle to carry around. Adding protective cases to already larger phones only made it more of a struggle. As a result, we recreated this case for five main reasons:

  • To end pocket bulge
  • Give you a way to carry your phone when you don’t have pockets
  • Make your phone easily accessible at all times
  • Bring original colors and designs that no other company has
  • Produce high quality, sturdy leather case you can trust will be secure

After a few months of selling, we wanted to expand into interests of our own. This led to creating original designs for the hit TV shows The 100 and The Walking Dead!

We partnered with various graphic designers around the world to create unique designs that fans of the shows could relate to. Our goal with our designs is not to make a profit, but rather to provide unique products for fans of the show to rep. 

*Note: VogaCo. is in no way affiliated with The 100 or The Walking Dead. We simply created the designs to help fans spread the love for the show throughout the world.  

The Future

VogaCo. is founded on high quality, unique, and economical products. We will continue to innovate and bring you top-notch products at great prices. We value each and every one of our customers and we hope you will be apart of our journey!